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Our School

We Are The Sabin Saints! 

Sabin Middle School is a diverse middle school located in the heart of Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is a traditional middle school, grades 6-8, that follows a junior high model. Students' coursework includes four core classes (language arts, math, science and social studies) and two electives classes daily. Students are highly encouraged to participate in a variety of extra-curricular clubs and activities, athletics, and intramural programs.

Sabin focuses on STEAM electives course offerings, to include 2D and 3D art, concert band, dance, drama, orchestra, and STEM courses in design/engineering, video production, and Yearbook Design.

Sabin Middle School houses 2 center-based programs for students with special learning needs: severe and significant needs and social-emotional disabilities Inclusion is a priority at Sabin Middle School.

We pride ourselves on fostering a school environment that is accepting of all!

Vision: We dare to empower the whole student to profoundly  impact our world 

Mission: Sabin Middle School provides a challenging and engaging academic environment that is positive, safe, and supportive for all scholars to ensure increases in growth and achievement.

At Sabin Middle School, scholars, parents, and teachers will work collaboratively to develop our scholars with high academic and social expectations that create respectful and productive members of society.

Announcement of Dr Clayton as Principal of Sabin