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Incoming 6th Grade students

Is there a lot of homework?

YES, and NO... the amount of homework you have depends on how focused you are in class. If you work hard in class you often won't have much or any homework! 

Are lockers hard?

Locker locks are hard at first, but once you figure them out, it's easier. if your locker gets jammed or you can't get it open, teachers will help you if you ask them. 

You can use the "how to open a combo lock" help on this page too! Click on the locker lock below!! 

 What's it like in middle school?

You have a lot of different teachers, and you have to get to class in a hurry because you only have 4 minutes to go from one class to the other. You get more freedom and meet a lot of new people from other schools. 

  • How to open an combo lock
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