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When a Student Should Stay Home


When students are ill, they report to the Main office to call home for assistance.  Please be sure that our emergency card for your child is accurate, so that we will always be able to reach you when the need arises.  If your child must take a medication during school hours, it must be brought to the main office in the original container labeled as described on the authorization form that is available in the main office.  A student's parent and medical practitioner must sign this form, authorizing designated school personnel to administer medication.  Medications are locked up to ensure safety.
      The school nurse is available on a limited basis for appointments.  You may leave a message for her through the counseling office or voice mail.

Please review the following school guidelines about illness and our efforts to minimize communicable diseases in the school setting. These guidelines should be used to help parents determine whether or not your child should come to school.

  • Students with cold symptoms should not attend school. Cold symptoms include: a constant runny nose with abnormal color or consistent nasal or lung/chest congestion, coughing that is constant or persistent, and recurrent sneezing that is not allergy related
  • Do not send a child to school with an abnormal temperature—any temperature over 100.0 degrees F. Symptoms to watch for might be a flushed face, chills, paleness or skin abnormally warm to the touch. One or all of these symptoms might be present. If in doubt at all, please take your child’s temperature. If you have no thermometer but have any concerns, please keep your child at home. A child with a temperature needs to stay home for at least 24 hours. Remember, if you reduce your child’s fever with medication like Tylenol, your child is still ill. Please do not medicate your child and bring them to school. Children spread their sickness most during the time they have a fever.
  • Don’t send a child to school who has been vomiting within the last 12 hours.
  • Don’t send a child to school who has had episodes of diarrhea in the last 12 hours.