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School History

The school was named after Florence R. Sabin. 

picture of Florence R. Sabin

Florence R. Sabin was one of the first women physicians to build a career as a research scientist. She was the first woman on the faculty at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, building an impressive reputation for her work in embryology and histology (the study of tissues). She also overturned the traditional explanation of the development of the lymphatic system by proving that it developed from the veins in the embryo and grew out into tissues, and not the other way around.

1926 she became the first woman elected to the National Academy of Sciences. At the Rockefeller Institute she applied her interest in the role of the body's white blood cells in fending off disease to tuberculosis infection! You can see some of the white blood cells she studied on the wall outside of our main entrance! 


metal dog

Sabin Middle School was built in 1975 as an open concept building, meaning it had no interior walls. Our original school colors are forest green and white with rust accents while our mascot is the Saint Bernard.  At the time, it was named Sabin Junior High School and was a year-round school with an open campus for lunch.

We originally opened as Sabin Junior High School and transitioned to a middle school in 1995, where students and teachers are part of academic teams.

In front of our building stands a metal statue of a St. Bernard.   It was built in 1986 by the students in the metals shop class.  Each boy and girl cut out a piece of metal to contribute to this enormous statue. If you look closely you can see some names and comments by the students on these pieces of metal.  A time capsule was also placed in the statue, which was opened in 2015.