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Core Classes


Colorado Springs School District 11 believes every student should have the opportunity to discover their passions on their academic journey. The District spent the last year engaging students, parents, teachers, and the business community to learn about our community’s priorities for District 11’s academic offerings. Five priorities were identified during this process:



  • Quality Neighborhood Schools                                             
  • Distinctive Pathway Schools and Programming
  • Aligned Programming Pathways
  • Expanded College and Career Options
  • Equitable Access to Learning Opportunities, Experiences, and Outcomes

The Academic Master Plan is designed to put families and students in the driver’s seat of their educational journey. Think of it as a “choose your own adventure story” where students can choose to lead their academic journey on one of several “academic pathways,” as they learn their interests and what inspires them. These academic pathways include:

District 11’s Academic Masterplan is designed to optimize choice and put families fully in control of their student’s academic journey. Whether your student chooses one of the District’s new pathways, opts into an online curriculum through Spark Online Academy, or is set on graduating high school with their Associate’s Degree already in hand, D11 has a place for your child to thrive and grow into a lifelong learner.