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Advisory--BARK Time

ADVISORY   Advisory is a 33-minute class period where all students begin their day. They meet with their advisory teacher and engage in a variety of activities that address and support the social and emotional needs students have.  By sanctioning this time outside of normal academic classes, Advisory offers a safe space to learn about and discuss relevant topics that might be surfacing in students' lives and offers some tools and pathways for how to navigate some of these challenges.  Whether it is engaging in a hands-on activity, learning from a guest speaker or expert in a field, or exploring a helpful website, students are able to feel supported by issues around the following categories (with a few examples included):   
  • Relationships (conflict resolution, dealing with drama, diversity) 
  • Health & Wellness (body image & self-esteem, sleep & nutrition, stress management)
  • Skills for Success (time management, organization, goal setting)
  • Personal Power (growth mindset/grit, the 8 (character) Traits)
  • Looking Ahead (post-secondary and career options, resume writing, the credit system in HS/college)