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Physical Education

Why Physical Education?

Physical Education is a key element in providing an education for the Whole Child.  In our physical education classes students will be introduced to lifetime physical fitness and activity programs along with opportunities to grow socially and emotionally.  The goal of our district-wide comprehensive physical education program is to provide our students the tools needed to live a physically active and healthy life.

What We Believe

Vision & Mission
The mission of the Physical Education Program is to teach students about health related fitness, physical competence in team & individual sports and provide opportunities for students to learn and participate in a variety of lifetime activities. This is called the new PE where the focus is on.  lifetime activities and sports. A quality program should include the following indicators:
  • Standards based instruction
  • Developmentally appropriate activities
  • Develops skill acquisition
  • High level of engaged activity time                                    
  • Connected to other content
  • Builds self esteem
  • Aligned Assessment
  • Promotes safety, self respect
  • Teach sportsmanship