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Sabin Middle school offers a variety of sports options throughout the school year! 

Sabin Middle School is excited to offer a variety of sports options for students. Those options are interscholastic, intramural, and hybrid options. These options run throughout the year. Our goal is to offer opportunities for all students to participate. If your student wants a sport that we do not offer, have them go see Christina Deighton and start the process of starting that club or intramural.

Please remember all participation is a privilege. Students need to have good behavior and grades in order to participate. Sabin offers before/after school and Saturday tutoring to help students be successful in the classroom.

Sabin is also focused on the sportsmanship of athletes, coaches, and spectators. Sabin will hold everyone to a high expectation of supporting our athletes, officials, coaches, and other spectators.

We look forward to watching all our students engage in activities that they enjoy!


Christina Deighton

Assistant Principal/Athletic Director



Good sportsmanship is important; therefore, school and District rules will be enforced during all practices and events.  Clapping and cheering is encouraged, but booing, taunting, profanity, racist or sexist comments, or any intimidation toward players, spectators, officials, administrators, or coaches will not be tolerated.  Any person – player or fan – engaging in inappropriate/ unsportsmanlike behavior can be removed from the competition site by officials or District personnel and, for students, a suspension from school may also occur.  

Sabin also requires that parents and other fans refrain from engaging the coaches and officials during and immediately following the games.  Any concerns about coaches, players, or officials should be directed to the school administrator or to the District Athletic Office at 520-2690.


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Sabin Sports Info and Policies  

Hybrid Sports Schedule

 Athletics Guidelines

Sports Physicals

Student-Athlete Screening Information

Pre-Season and Off Season Workout Waiver


Students must complete five practices before they are allowed to compete in a game or meet.  All students who wish to participate in interscholastic athletics are expected to maintain grades of Cs or better in all of their classes in order to compete.  Grades are checked weekly. 

Prior to the first practice, athletes must turn in to the payment window:

• The yellow CHSSA Statement by Physician and Parent for Athletic Participation card which requires a physician signature indicating that the student has passed a physical within the year and a parent signature indicating insurance coverage.  Yellow cards are good for one calendar year.
• The blue Emergency Information/Consent for Emergency Treatment for Interscholastic Activity Injuries card.  This must be filled out prior to each sport.