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Internet Access

Home Internet Access Options

Students will need Internet access throughout the school year for eLearning days and homework.  D11 has partnered with the community to help provide Internet access to low-income D11 families.

The most reliable option is the whole-house Internet service provided through Century Link and paid for by the D11 Foundation.

Internet Application 2021-2022

Click Here to apply for one year of free internet service (Aug. 1, 2021 – July 31, 2022).

Any household that has a student in District 11 and does not have the internet at their address is eligible to apply. We will accept families to receive internet service on a first come, first served basis, and subject to available funding.  Based on the need in the 2020-2021 school year, we believe we have adequate funding available to serve all families’ needs for the coming year.

Households will be notified by email when service is available.  Please continue to apply if you do not have internet access in your home. The committee will work to raise funding for this project as needed.

Please send any questions to

The second option is a T-Mobile hot spot that can be checked out through our Sabin library.  We have some hot spots with unlimited data as well as some with 100 GB limit.  These are best for our homeless students or those living in motels.  While they do work, the Internet service isn't as fast or reliable as the Comcast option.  These would have to be returned at the end of school in May.  It also requires an additional user agreement to be signed before any hot spots can be given to students, parents, or guardians.  User agreements are available in the library.