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ATTENDANCE LINE- Please call the 24-hour attendance line the same day your child is late or absent at 328-7012.

Attendance is directly related to academic achievement. No question about it. If a student is not in class, he/she is most likely not learning. According to Colorado law, it is the obligation of every parent to ensure that children under the age of 17 attend school. Additionally, the State requires that all schools maintain an attendance rate of 95%. In a school year of 172 days (of 7 periods per day), that translates to only 8.6 days (or 60 periods) of absence – excused or otherwise – per student. Sabin is held accountable for that absentee rate. 


The school's attendance office will regularly run Excessive Absence Reports to determine which, if any, students have accumulated an undue number of absences. If an undue amount of absences accumulate – if an attendance problem appears to exist – the school may take one or more of the following actions:

  • The school may mail home a letter informing parents/ guardians of the number and dates of absences.
  • Parents/ guardians may be asked to provide notes from a qualified medical professional (including a dentist or counselor) in order for any future absences to be considered fully excused.
  • The school may schedule a meeting with the student and/or a parent/guardian to write an attendance contract. This contract will address the reasons behind the absences and list possible solutions. The contract may ask for medical documentation for future absences from the parent/ guardian.
  • The school may inform District Eleven's Office of Student Discipline of the student's attendance record, requesting an Initial Notice of Non-compliance which instructs parents/ guardians and students to comply with the attendance policy. The District may refer the matter to the Juvenile Court who will set a date for an Initial Advisement. The Court will advise that no further absences may occur without medical excuse and the student must refrain from behaviors that result in referrals or suspension. Non-compliance with the terms of the Court's Initial Advisement typically results in a Contempt of Court finding and incarceration.

MAKE-UP WORK – It is the responsibility of the student to ask for make-up work from the teachers. Make-up work should reflect class assignments missed during the absence. Make-up work must be completed and submitted within the BOE guideline of one day given for each day of absence plus one extra day. Missed work that is not made up within this guideline will most likely result in a lowered grade. Parents may request make-up work for extended absences in advance by contacting the Attendance office. In such a case, please allow 24 hours for the office to collect assignments.
Students are required to complete assignments missed due to field trips. The students' teachers may request that assignments be completed and turned in prior to a field trip. It is the responsibility of the student to ask for that work from the teachers.

APPOINTMENTS – should be made outside of school hours as much as possible. When that is not possible, the student can be signed out in the main office. Persons picking up a student must provide identification to sign the student out. Only persons listed on the student's emergency card may do so. Students are allowed to sign themselves back in after an appointment.

PRE-ARRANGED ABSENCES – If a student plans on being gone during the regular school year, a parent or guardian must prearrange that absence via a written request to the school's principal at least three school days in advance of the absence. The student is responsible for collecting and completing assignments that will be missed during the absence. Prearranged absences may be counted when calculating a student's Excessive Absence Report at the discretion of the building principal.